Black Desert Mobile: Heroes

You can play Black Desert Mobile one of five heroes: a Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, Giant and Valkyrie. They differ from each other in appearance, used equipment, settings, and skill. How to decide for whom to play? Enough to read this guide.


If you are accustomed to thinking of the military class a certain tank, playing in other MMORPG, in BDO your expectations are not met a warrior here has rather the role of damage dealer. He does a lot of damage in melee and well “clings” on the enemy with the ability to attack with waves of fire or tossing the sword from afar. The warrior has AoE-skills: he can jump in the air and shake the earth around him, hitting enemies in a small radius. Warrior has a few skills that are useful for control: he can kick the enemy and throw him to the ground, to pierce the enemy with the sword, and to reject, to repel the enemy or a shield, which takes more time, but deals more damage, grab the enemy, lift over your head and throw it on the ground. Using the shield the warrior is also able to break through enemies, pushing all in its path.

Warrior BDM, the quick battles, but it requires careful management: properly playing for him, you can continuously monitor a single opponent ottalkivayas and throws, and to live longer in the crowd with the help of aftershocks with shield and AoE attacks. High movement speed and attack allows him to better control the fight, even without the application of the above skills.

Overall, this class can show their best side both in PvP and PvE, but only if the competent control. Also, because of the small number of AoE skills and focus on eliminating single targets, warrior will take longer to swing “in the field” — i.e., to spend more time to farm low level mobs.


If the Soldier directly controls enemy, the Ranger controls the space — to put it simply, this class can quickly Dodge and almost all of his skills allows hero to rebound after (the shot-rebound).

Ranger has enemies from the bow and fights with a dagger in melee. Bow — the main weapon, and mainly the skills in this class are bound to put a few quick shots and stunned opponent or to throw his one big shot. Also, in a difficult situation, the Ranger can jump back and blow all in the place where it stood, thus dodging enemies and throwing them a short distance. AoE attacks include a quick shot with many arrows of the cone, and shooting explosive arrows in front of him and shot into the sky, causing a rain of arrows within a certain radius. Also, when the enemy comes close, the Ranger can kick and shoot down the enemy on the ground or use a dagger for drawing a combo or a single powerful blow.

The Ranger quickly moves and attacks at maximum distance with maximum speed is a very useful character for PvE, where you can easily rock with autofarm in the field. In PvP the Ranger is not so useful due to the weak control of the enemy and failing to make equal level enemy one or two powerful blows — her damage is dealt gradually with plenty of speed, but not the most powerful of attacks.


The sorceress demands the maximum skill of the player — it should be managed as accurately as possible, they sounded very good chance of using skills and using the kite as the main strategy of the fight against strong opponents. The Magician can inflict a lot of damage as one, and many opponents, while controlling them on the battlefield.

The first and one of the most useful skills of the Sorceress — magical arrows, the krad which it deals the enemy a lot of damage and does not move. This skill has one big weakness — the Sorceress also does not move and apply this skill is surrounded by several powerful enemies can be dangerous. The classic fireball is much faster — it just flies into the enemy, exploding and knocking it back a short distance (to reject the lone enemy peerboom and start to beat a hail of arrows at a distance is a good idea). Also, the Magician can inflict a combo of icy bumps, each of which causing the enemy some damage, but the attack is fast enough to maximize the damage (good finishing skill). Great skill Sorceress — Lightning, which she promptly unleashes on the enemy and drops it on the ground, at the same time dodging and leaning backwards. Another electric skill allows her to hit enemies around the lightning strikes and cause damage. The magician can also throw the enemies around her by the wind and cause storms, reaching forward and spreading the enemies on the way. Also this class has some of the best skills of control the Magician can freeze all the enemies around himself or slow down a ball on the cold enemy in front of you. Among other things, a Magician can cast a debuff on the enemy and heal yourself and allies.

Huge Arsenal of skills Magician, coupled with a wide range of control allow it to be useful in any situation — but especially in PvE against multiple opponents. In PvP, a competent player-the Magician can dominate over all other classes, but you need to play very carefully — low baseline Sorceress not allow her to engage in direct combat, constantly running away from the enemy will not be released due to low travel speed. You need to constantly keep the balance between control and damage, while keeping a distance between himself and his opponent.


Here’s the “tank” BDM Giant pile of meat with two axes. Almost all the skills of Giant aimed at causing maximum damage in minimum number of strokes — whether it’s the thud on the ground, throwing enemies, a powerful blow with axes or jump on the enemy. Also, almost all of his skills cast of enemies.

Despite the focus on powerful attacks, the Giant can also deliver a rapid series of blows to themselves and to circle with axes, scattering all enemies around him. He can run up and rush into the crowd of enemies (or just to accelerate and run quickly), while scattering all in its path.

Unlike the Warrior, the Giant is controlled by the worse — it is slower moving and using skills is more time consuming. In this regard, the real damage done by this hero, below — but, in turn, the Giant can withstand much more damage on their own, making it more useful against bosses. Attacks and skills of the Giant basically hit area and affect a greater number of opponents, you can quickly get rid of enemies in PvE.

In PvP the same Giant can be called one of the weakest characters — despite the high protection and a large amount of health, he is not able to attack the enemy at a distance and has the weakest ability to control. To defeat a competent opponent, right using dodging and kiting will not be easy.


Valkyri resembles a Soldier with his set of skills — she is also able to inflict a series of attacks on the enemy, to break through the crowd of enemies with a shield and hit enemies at a distance by throwing a shield or an arrow of light. Many skills in this class also repel enemies and throw them to the ground.

The main difference between the Valkyries of the Warrior is to protect the priority over speed and attack — all of a series of attacks produced with a noticeable pause, the character moves slower and deals less damage for the same time as the Warrior. But at the same time, it not only receives less damage themselves, but can heal themselves and allies to increase defense. Also important difference is the specificity of the attacks, the Valkyrie has less, but more painful, while the Warrior has more, but weaker (ceteris paribus). This implies that a Warrior need to spam attacks constantly, while the Valkyrie is more important to Dodge the enemy’s attacks and catch him in a powerful counterattack.

In PvE Valkyrie is not so useful due to the small number of AoE attacks and low speed — it also longer grindith autofirma. But for PvP this class is one of the most powerful due to the ability to heal themselves and to increase security coupled with high outgoing damage in case of contact. For Valkyrie is not so difficult battle against the other classes to a higher level and she doesn’t need to worry about kiting or to rely on evasion/high health. She can Dodge enemy attacks and to sustain the hit, and she deals a lot of damage at accurate game. If you play Black Desert Mobile for the sake of PvP, then you will probably like to play for a Valkyrie, especially at high levels of development.

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