Black Desert Mobile – Leveling Guide

In Korea is gaining popularity Black Desert Mobile, which is currently in early access and only settles on the tops of the Korean Olympians. However, players from all over the world are not far behind and all shake their characters to be ready for the start of the European servers. In this article we will deal with the basic functionality of the game and analyze the pumping elements, so that any player can quickly pump your character and catch up with the first travelers, mobile Black Desert. Go.
On account can have up to 5 characters that will be United by a common name. The name is the main nickname of the entire account and enters the first shot of the game. It is common to all characters of the account, so to create the left characters will have to use additional accounts. Each member of the family common property resources, Fort, items and Pets, so swing subsequent characters is simple enough. Character slots 4 and 5 are initially locked and can be opened using item purchase for premium or in-game currency. Unlock is not expensive, so that problems with the creation of characters of all classes to be the players should not.

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