Hero Academy 2 Review

That sometimes happens — the game is complete trash, and the graphics but it is fun, bright and juicy, and pull the project, despite the complete banality of everything else.

Beauty can be forgiven and requirements for Donato, chests, gifts and premium card sets, which, although Loans in Krasnodar ease to drive now and pay for it later.

The game consists of a chain of missions, during which we’re experience and get coins and crystals. Initially available only fighting against bots, but after the third level you will have access to duels and you can play with the players.

The battle system
Each battle takes place on the cellular field on which we fight. The fight is a cross between a card game and heroes of might and magic.

In each turn gives you mana.
Depending on the amount of mana we can use the cards, each of which is worth a different amount of mana. The steeper, the more expensive usually. But this is not accurate, as it depends on the situation.
Called battle cards become characters with their characteristics — damage points of life, range of movement and attack (archers beat in a few cells, for example).
Designed cards can be enhanced by special cards — to add armor, increase attack, life.
Enemies in turn cause the cards beat our heroes and crystals.
The ultimate goal of battle is to destroy enemy crystals and protect their.
Crystals to protect is not so easy, especially if the enemy is rushing with the cards, and you have at hand only some bonuses. True, and bonus cards can bring rustling, because in addition to simple wislok there and attacking (100% killing of the enemy), the resurrection of their fallen soldiers and other interesting options which can be perelomili the outcome of the match.

With a shaman deck you can between fights. Pumped features of existing cards in the deck (total of 30 in the starting package), in the process of getting new cards you can form a lethal deck for the stable wins.

Summary, opinion
Purely graphically very bright and cool game. Gameplay I personally lacks dynamics, although I love turn-based games. In addition, the role of randomness, which leads the gameplay from strategy and tactics still in the plane of the ACI, where a lot depends on what card will come in hand and whether you to play properly. But it is also a thrill.

So the whole play really, at least until you get bored.

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