How to play and win South Park: Phone Destroyer

In the endless list of mobile card games is finally worthy of attention. Unlike the mindless clickers with greedy developers RedLynx and South Park Digital Studios has managed to create a game that actually attracts and keeps users. In South Park: Phone Destroyer is no option stamina bar that forces players to wait for replenishment of the scale clock to complete your quest or mission. But there is a free set of cards, not too Intrusive Donat and humor inherent in the series. We have prepared for you a few tips that will help you to feel comfortable in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This game is for mentally stable. In South Park: Phone Destroyer exactly the same rude and inappropriate humor, as in other games in the series. The gameplay is filled with vomit, blood and poison. So if you are ready to see Cartman, dressed as Buddha and Jewish ninjas, play Candy Crush.

It is easy to learn fighting system as well. The basics of the game are simple: the deck is created, which can only be cards of two of the five classes (Neutral, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystical and Fantasy). Placing cards in the box causes the characters and takes your glasses from piggy. Walking along the street of the suburb called the heroes must kill pigeons, gnomes, here, ninjabread and bosses, which at the end of each round is the enemy. The main thing here is to place ranged characters behind and at the sides of the road, and tanks (Cartman, for example) in the middle and the back. When your character is closed fighters, he was not scared.

Don’t drop the whole arm. In early PVE, you can avoid trouble in almost any situation. As soon as you start playing in PVP or to fight with religious deities, accommodation units will be a key factor to success. Throw the tank in the line of the murderer, followed by the allied gunner and get the advantage. If you treat the tank carelessly, the enemy will quickly get the advantage and send you to the bottom (playing career in a sense).

Understand how the skills. They are incredibly useful in battle, especially in PVP. The murder of a dangerous assassin or group of pigeons with a single fireball or lightning can save the key character and give you the edge needed to win.

Use the Force in duels and PVP matches. It is very important to understand how the shock ability. When the enemy approaches the line, it is necessary periodically to push back. After a third of your stripes HP will disappear, you will shock every enemy unit. Sometimes it’s better to take damage to get an advantage. This is a unique mechanic that makes fights much better and more interesting than the usual system for selecting the best cards.

Beware of cheaters. This game has a serious problem with cheaters in PVP. Players create fake accounts to get the best cards and get more energy. The developers promise to fix the situation, but at the moment the best option is to exit the game.

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