Iron Marines — mobile strategy, which we deserve

When the mobile appears StarCraft, we will immediately lapse into Nirvana, and remove any space strategy that unsuccessfully mimic the game Blizzard. But, if and when happens, it is obviously soon. So to compromise right now – download Iron Marines, which, though not StarCraft, but quite a good RTS. Especially on the background of the competitors in the genre.

A small planet was attacked by aliens: vile creatures strive to spread the human colony. Wait for help nowhere especially, so grab a hero, gather an army and execute the orders of command. They are simple at first — to fight off the base, knock out a handful of slimy devils, hold out until reinforcements. But soon the Iron Marines raise the stakes, and enjoyable RTS will show itself in all its glory hardcore.

The game chamber: not more than ten units plus the hero. This is justified by the format — the cards are small and function at the warriors are very different. It is pointless to send the entire Armada to storm the base will be gone the best quality of your small group. Therefore, working almost individually each units receives personal orders. Theoretically, this should bring the Iron Marines for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (or Myth). In fact, the novelty is more like the first StarCraft where you killed a bunch of powerful Protoss, and on the other side of the incoming crowds of bright-eyed Zerg. A small squad of strong guys against disciplined hordes – this formula works here

The main thing — not to oversleep battle: scaly attack after only two and a half minutes. Do everything you need to quickly and wisely: here to improve the turret, here today to send three snipers, there to catch the flamethrower. The functionality is limited, but the main maneuvers available to RTS. There was even room for tactics — snipers put in the rear, and the enemy aircraft (some kind of winged abomination) to knock specially trained units. In short, roll the army is interesting, though nothing new Iron Marines and no offers.

To fight the main character fun. Even before the fight, appoint a commander: a list of fellows is large, choose any. We all have our skills, but one thing they agree — if there’s something you need to quickly correct the situation, without in any way. Every good soldier has a couple of ACE techniques (e.g., laser light), which should be developed. For the exploits in missions give points, they are going to upgrade character: harder to beat, to live longer and the like. There are “administrative” skills — to mine more of the resource, and the faster soldiers were in barracks.

Iron Marines while a few missions (they promise more), but enough of them for a long time. This is largely due to the hardcore: the will to beat even on normal difficulty. However, it is not clear why: whether the game is tough, or so the authors to extort money.

Yes, in Iron Marines is the donut — quite a note, harsh. When not enough resources for all sorts of air strikes and other bonuses, the game offers unobtrusive to buy them. Without auxiliary pieces can win, but with great difficulty. It is possible that hardcore developers specifically — that you got into a protracted series of defeats and finally paid. Heroes, by the way, are also sold.

For the game, which is 379 rubles (iOS version), it’s a bit cheeky: it turns out that we do not pay the full amount, but only the entrance fee? But the Iron Marines will in any case receive the prize of spectator sympathies — because RTS on smartphones is negligible, and there is no need to poison good game hurl. In Steam, it would have lost and received mixed reviews, but here, on mobile platforms, sharp hunger the genre: such strategies we are happy. Even with a couple of reservations.


  • real RTS;
  • cute design;
  • a lot of interesting characters;
  • hardcore: already in the fourth-fifth mission, the problems begin.


  • not the best management;
  • Donat — with a starting price of 379 rubles.

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