As much as I like to criticize action games for lack of content, I have to admit, I enjoy minimalistic puzzles. It seems that the slower the pacing of the game, the less content it requires to be fun. Lazors is a perfect example of a game that only has parts, required for its correct functioning and nothing else. Well, besides great graphics. Lazors operates on a single, simplistic idea. Continue reading “Lazors” »

Review of Lineage 2: Revolution for iOS and Android

Time after time all sorts of companies, tread on thin ice doing a new version of the once ultra popular projects. The risk is justified: if the new product will appeal to the current audience, success is assured. But not eliminated, and more a sad development. In the case of Lineage 2: Revolution on the mentioned risk went the Korean giant Netmarble. Continue reading “Review of Lineage 2: Revolution for iOS and Android” »


It seems that even in fifty years, people will still make tons of games, reminding of that one generation in gaming that popularized the genre – of course, I mean 8-bit consoles and games. It’s not a bad thing, definitely, but sometimes I wonder if we lose on some original and fresh styles and trends, just because developers go a safe and trusted way of primitive pixel art and chiptune music. Continue reading “Slayin” »