PUBG Mobile (iOS, Android) Review

If a month ago you said PUBG Mobile will work better PUBG on the Xbox, while remaining free to play, well, you would have looked askance. But here we are, and the future of mobile gaming has never looked brighter. An absolutely wonderful game that works great, incorporating all the features of PUBG, but on a tiny touch screen.

Not to be confused: this is a real PUBG experience. One hundred people, hunched over their Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, fly over a deserted island and parachute down to plunder abandoned buildings, collect equipment and kill each other until there is one survivor left. The first time you get into the game and see the whole island of erlang in real time, on your phone, the experience is surreal.

And while the mobile version can only offer the first map, it’s otherwise extremely close to PC iteration, as far as mobile performance allows. In fact, the game turned out to be somehow significantly better than its iteration for Xbox from a technical point of view. Textures are nicer, frame rate is more stable, there are no drops. And while the game doesn’t have support for joysticks, mice, and keyboards via a PC connection, for example (a caveat on Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile) it means you won’t get into one match with people who will use more precise controls. However, it would be nice to be able to migrate account settings at a minimum.

But, of course, this is a multiplayer shooter, and this kind of game can not boast of the advantages of touch control. Overall, the gameplay seems a bit better than other mobile shooters, but still not so good. You can easily move around with the joystick, rotate the camera by dragging your right thumb across the screen, there are also on-screen buttons for things like backpack (inventory), squat and even jumping. When you pick up a weapon, there are buttons to aim at the fly and from the hip, you can shoot with your thumb. And at the same time, the interface becomes cumbersome. Once you notice the enemy, you need to do a few steps to aim, have to twist the camera with your thumb to turn and aim again, quickly do it all will not work.

After losing a few matches in PUBG Mobile, we began to get used to the controls, even in the absence of high accuracy. But PUBG Mobile and should not be better than other versions, it just offers the opportunity to play your favorite game anywhere, anytime.

For example, you shoot by pressing the on-screen buttons, but those buttons are just not where you would normally drag your thumb. When this happens, you accidentally shoot, which not only consumes precious ammo, but also warns rivals of your presence. The interface can be a bit cumbersome when you’re trying to get rid of unnecessary items or shift bandages with first aid kits.

We also found that we play PUBG Mobile very differently than the PC version. On major platforms, it’s useful to take your time moving around the map, hiding behind trees, and crawling through houses to avoid detection. But on mobile devices, we rode through areas with weapons much more confident. It seems like the vast majority of players are having trouble aiming now, though it’s unclear if this is a common skill flaw or is due to the habit of lightly killing bots at lower levels of the game.

The Tencent developer has included several tweaks to compensate for the control by automating some simple tasks. For example, when you walk on a scattered weapon, your character is equipped in the found items automatically, equips ammunition and changes the gun to automatic weapons. If you go through the cartridges for the gun, you will get them immediately. The same goes for items to restore health, armor, and other items. There are visual pointers on the map, sometimes you can see marks on the minimap showing which direction to shoot from if you play without good headphones. On the main map there is a line showing the trajectory of the aircraft at the beginning of the match.

Since this is a mobile game, we expected to see unobtrusive promotion of paid kits or mobile ads on the match completion screen. But even a week after the release, you can not buy any items that will give you an advantage in the game, we also do not remember a lot of hype.

In the mobile version of PUBG there are several more progression mechanisms that contribute to the acceleration of progress, for example, time seasons that set tasks and rewards, you get daily entry bonuses, there are rewards for events, you can connect your profile to the social network to quickly find friends.

The mobility and availability of PUBG Mobile more than makes up for the limitations of the game. The ability to pull your smartphone out of your pocket and at any time to engage in a tense battle – a remarkable technical achievement.


PUBG Mobile is a remarkable technical achievement and deserves praise for how well the game plays, all the elements function, not to mention the stability of this demanding game that has migrated from the computer and console platform. Touch screen controls can be quite accurate, but can’t challenge the accuracy of a mouse or gamepad, while PUBG Mobile’s mobility and availability more than makes up for it.

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