Review of Lineage 2: Revolution for iOS and Android

Time after time all sorts of companies, tread on thin ice doing a new version of the once ultra popular projects. The risk is justified: if the new product will appeal to the current audience, success is assured. But not eliminated, and more a sad development. In the case of Lineage 2: Revolution on the mentioned risk went the Korean giant Netmarble. The attitude to the new product depends on how well you are familiar with the original.

Lineage 2 Korean company NCSoft, was released in 2003, a record for a long time was distributed only by subscription and, despite its comparative primitiveness, became home to millions of players. It is the “Ruler” was one of the first MMORPG that came to Russia — first in the form of a pirate, and then the official servers. It introduced gamers with the “Korean style” MMO, bronstring and swords across a wider. For many it was the first online game, which then moved into World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, Aion, Perfect World and The Lord of The Rings Online.

In short, the events of Lineage 2 take place in a world called Elmoreden. There are people, dark and light elves, dwarves and, of course, the gods who with special pleasure I love to fight each other — so much so that halloo to one another around the world. The heroes of the people, mostly engaged in hunting, collect loot and slowly fill levels are combined into clans involved in feuds over scattered here and there castles. In General, that’s all. How is this related to Lineage 2: Revolution? Netmarble possible gently carried all of the above in a mobile format, from the textures of the surrounding world to icons items. All, but not quite…

The story and quests have never been a strong point of Lineage 2. Probably because this game has formed a record number of social stories on friendship, mutual assistance, betrayal and intrigue. Players often just had to have fun, so they “had fun” with each other as they could. Unlike the original, Revolution immediately becomes to plot the rails — from NPC to NPC, from one group of monsters to another can be wound on the machine, almost without taking part in the events. You can, of course, and to explore the virtual joystick, but why, when the game works fine itself?

Races and classes mobile version inherited in a badly cut form. So, for example, missing gender selection — the light elves now only girls, people, only men. Orcs even less fortunate — they are not in Revolution at all. At the same time and the number of classes was reduced to six main for each race with only one change of profession. About how a lower number of skills for each specialization, even to say no.

But the notorious “Grinda” (the monotonous repetition of a single action, like the destruction of monsters on an industrial scale) in the Revolution, even more than in the original. Although it would seem, so far? Accept: each job will lead to a new fight. But if that is not enough, so there are still challenges: for example, sequential passage of the various floors of the towers. From options look at first, but in fact everywhere waiting for the same thing. And the most important thing here — not epic feats, but only the number of trophies.

Speaking of prey. The pride of each character is, of course, his gear. And then Lineage 2: Revolution sharply refuses all of the covenants just Lineage 2. The famous economic model for creating objects is the cornerstone of NCSoft’s blockbuster — unfortunately, degenerated into typical for shareware mobile gaming system with the merger of some items with others to improve their quality. In other words, found armour, found another, joined, got panelift with characteristics slightly better. That’s all.

Be it Lineage 2: Revolution an attempt to cash in on the light of memory, if not one “but”. Netmarble pull their socks up and managed to implement in a mobile format is the charm of the social part of the Lineage 2. Revolution is simply impossible to be left alone — by constantly go running, chat conversation, and the way continually intersect with like-minded people.

A bit to grow, as embedded training, politely hinting at the introduction into a clan or at least group to try to work together to deal with any boss. Of course, if desired, to take up arms not just for the disgraceful mobs and other players. For example, during sieges.

Lineage 2 storming castles was the main goal and the best entertainment. For are scattered throughout the vast virtual world of the few strongholds have always struggled huge alliances with hundreds of people. Because of the format Revolution is far from such a scale: the upper limit of the confrontation is limited to “only” fifty participants on each side. That, however, still very impressive for a mobile game.

To play Lineage 2: Revolution is for two reasons. First, in order to indulge in nostalgia for the days when adventure in Aden occupied a significant place in your life. In this case, you do spend a lot of time is not necessary. Just look at the familiar places, the cherished heroes and remember how it was great. Second, despite the obvious simplification, Lineage 2: Revolution is a giant step forward both in gameplay and in graphics compared to those MMORPG that we used to see in mobile format. And only one Lineage 2: Revolution does not fit completely to eliminate the gap in the gaming experience and to get acquainted with the phenomenon called Lineage. Here the brainchild of Netmarble passes on all counts.


  • new product looks just like Lineage 2;
  • built-in autopilot allows to be occurring;
  • you can learn a lot about the world and the history of the Lineage;
  • in many articles of mobile MMORPG of new generation;
  • impressive scope and schedule;


  • played not like Lineage 2;
  • a game with such a glorious history deserved better;
  • Revolution mercilessly “eats” the battery and heats the device.

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