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Top 5 Game that will Turn a Boring Evening into Something Romantic

Sometimes after battles with opponents or thinking about another puzzle there is a desire to have fun, and for this purpose are ideal erotic games for Android. They do not require you to be a strategist or smart guy, but are able to turn a boring evening into something romantic and frank, and sometimes a little hooliganism and incredibly funny.

Attack on moe

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In this peculiar game you will find, strange as it may seem, the mission of the savior of mankind. You will have to save the planet from giant girls who came to our world from another dimension. These anime style beauties look sexy and attractive, but it does not make them less dangerous. The only way to fight them is to use martial arts, tapping the screen and destroying their clothes.

High School Romance

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Here you get into high school and can become a hero of 15 different love stories to choose from. You will find the most attractive characters – the most attractive guys and girls at school. Choose one of them and flirt with the hero you like, build relationships, communicate, make appointments. Whether you’ll be happy or not is up to you.

Is It Love – Gabriel – Otome

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This game belongs to the category of visual novels and popular in Japan genre otome – dating and flirting games. It is intended for a female audience. Your task in it is to develop a virtual romantic relationship with one of the young people working in your new office. The effectiveness of flirting depends on your behavior and the decisions you make during the game.

Xnxx Games: Boy Vs Girl

In Xnxx Games: boy vs girl You can manually select to draw a scissor! Get link to apk xnxx and play against to have fun or test your luck against the A.I. Features:

  • 1 match, Best of 3 or Best of 5.
  • Choose director to hit and to make you win by hit your opponent ass
  • Play against friends or the Artificial Intelligence to try In Xnxx Games
  • Share points you got in Xnxx Games to your friends to get bonus!

My Virtual Girlfriend

Get a virtual girlfriend – with this game is not anything easier. She will allow you to choose a girl of your own taste from more than a hundred possible options, get to know her, get to know her better, invite her on dates and give her gifts, customize her appearance, ranging from hair color to breast size, and go through level after level, developing your relationship.

Iron Marines — mobile strategy, which we deserve

When the mobile appears StarCraft, we will immediately lapse into Nirvana, and remove any space strategy that unsuccessfully mimic the game Blizzard. But, if and when happens, it is obviously soon. So to compromise right now – download Iron Marines, which, though not StarCraft, but quite a good RTS. Especially on the background of the competitors in the genre. Continue reading “Iron Marines — mobile strategy, which we deserve” »