Shadow Fight 3 cheats — Tips & guide to strategy

Shadow Fight 3 — pretty deep game, so there are many opportunities for the development of the plot. Our hints and tips for Shadow Fight 3 will help you become invincible shadow warrior.

Practice your movement
Each type of weapon is controlled differently than the rest, so it is best to feel your weapon in practice. Each species follows the General rules. For example, light, fast swords, axes – heavier, but stronger, and so on. Try to learn how to manage your weapons because you will need to use specific actions to get specific results. Remember, the correct direction will affect your attack; a forward direction during application of the punches will produce a different attack. When you know how to perform all your actions, you’ll be ready for any situation!

Block and break the defense
If you want to go far in Shadow Fight, you need to master not only his defense but also attack. As you learned in the tutorial, blocking is performed just standing still. The lock is incredibly important in this game, as the success of the battle is to counter-attack. To win, a regular match should go as follows: you make attacks or waiting for your opponent to attack, blocking it accordingly, and then make a counterattack when the opponent is open.

Time is the key to successful counter-attacks, so, as previously mentioned, you must feel your weapon. Even if you block attacks coming from your opponent, but your attacks are not faster than them you can be interrupted when you attempt a counter attack. Weapon speed and time are crucial to break the attack and defense of the enemy. Remember, the capture is also an option, as it will void any kind of retaliation. Just be careful as you need to be near your opponent.

Use your shadow attack
Shadow attack when applied correctly, can radically change the game! Don’t just mindlessly apply them — your opponent can wait for this and to react to them. Keep in mind, both fighters can see when the enemy is about to use his shadow attacks. They are not locked, but you can interrupt them if you hit. The cooldown of shadow attack begins from the moment of their use, regardless of whether they were activated or not, so be careful. Try to trick your opponent and strike when he least expects it.

Continue to open chests
Increasing the level of useful, but most of your powerful pulses comes from getting new equipment and upgrading existing. You will need to get more copies of gear to upgrade, so you’ll need all of the chests, which you can get!

To win in the battles is the fastest way to earn chests. For that you get normal chests, but if you manage to take a prize, you will get a silver chest, earning a chance to get much better loot.

The completion of the story missions also rewarded with chests. The harder the mission the better the reward.

Complete side quests for extra experience
If you have any problems with the current mission in history, and you don’t want to fight other players, why not do the side quest? These missions are somewhat short, but they still offer good rewards for their completion. They are also a fast way to earn extra experience points, so if you increase the level, you can perform one additional task to accelerate this process.

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game 2.5 D. Although the graphics were done in full 3D, gameplay mechanics — 2D. Three-dimensional locations and characters — the main difference between this game and previous quantities in the series. Used in the production of a free game with microtransactions. The game is set in fantasy world inspired by Asian legends, and shows soldiers who are able to utilize superhuman powers. Gameplay consists of bouts one-on-one in a combat system based on gestures. These classic rules of fighting was enlarged by adding some role-playing elements. You create your character, it can be further developed through the skill tree to unlock new techniques and attacks. In manufacturing there are single player and multiplayer mode; the latter allows you to fight other players, and join them in a cooperative mode to battle AI.

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