Speed Night 2

Well, how’s this for a surprise, Speed Night 2 is actually pretty decent. Not only is it pretty decent, but I actually liked it, in some unusual way. It’s far from a complete racing game, so I don’t want anybody to hold their hopes up, but it’s certainly not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, after launching it for the first time. I’ll probably start with the issues here, because there are really only two of them, although I guess they are quite important.

First, this game severely lacks content. Like, “one car and one track” lacks content. I’m pretty sure that if this game at least had a couple more tracks then it would be a great and exciting racing game with a couple of very unusual mechanics, but with only a single looped track, and no, it’s far from infinite, it’s a severely repetitive racing game with a couple of unusual mechanics that are just barely enough to stop it from being absolutely boring. The second issue is that Speed Night 2 has a bit too primitive physical model, oh, it works just great when you’re just driving forward on an empty road, but since there’s always traffic on the road that you’re definitely going to collide quite a lot, it’s becoming apparent that once any car removes any of its wheels from the ground, it turns into a bag of bolts. Of course, this applies to your car, as well. Besides these issues, I found the game quite enjoyable, if repetitive. There is absolutely nothing to do in the game menus of Speed Night 2, save for upgrades, I’ll talk about them later, there are no options, no starting rules, a single car to drive in, oh, well, actually, you can change its color, which I guess is better than nothing, but of course, still far from what I’ve come to expect from a racing game. When you press “play”, your car gets spawned at the start of a looped track, with a timer of 60 seconds. Your job is to manage to drive your car around the track in this time and return to the start before time runs out, to get a time bonus of “x-5” seconds to what you already have, “x” being the number of seconds you got for a previous loop. It’s relatively simple at first, but after a third or fourth circle, you’re going to notice that suddenly, you can’t keep up with the timer.

Couple this with the fact that when you collide with other cars or track borders, you lose your speed, or even end up having to reset your car, and suddenly, doing another loop turns into quite a difficult task. Thankfully, there are some things that help you overcome the time limit and traffic, as well as your boredom, the first being money that is spawned in lines at many points throughout the track. What’s more, after you complete a circle, the next one will have two parallel lines of coins scattered across it, instead of one. Then you start seeing three rows, parallel to each other. Collecting them all seems like an impossible thing to do, not counting the cars that you have to evade, while trying to collect the money, but when you collect a thousand of them, it’s not as hard to do, as it sounds like, you can purchase one of the four power-ups, which definitely should be the magnet power-up. There are several upgrades that unlock power-ups, spawning at certain places on the track. You can purchase each one and upgrade them several times to improve the power or prolong their duration, for the coins that you collect over the track. All in all, Speed Night 2 is quite an interesting game that severely needs some more content, as well as a bit of bug-hunting. I frankly don’t think it’s going to impress anyone, but it does have nice graphics and simple controls, it’s also free so if you like unusual racing games, you might as well try this one out.

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